job opportunities in Germany

Electrician at mobile base stations in Germany

Nature of work

  • Work in mobile base stations;
  • Installation of surge protection devices, replacement of circuit breakers,
  • Lightning protection and electrical system resistance measurements;
  • Installation of general electrical installations;
  • Installation of electric vehicle charging stations


  • Electrical engineering education
  • Reading technical documentation, drawings and diagrams
  • Computer literacy
  • Driver’s license
  • English (German would be an advantage)
  • Analogous work experience is desirable

Company offers

  • Stable and timely salary;
  • All social guarantees under German legislation;
  • Supporting the process of recognizing EU qualified workers’ qualifications under the IHK;
  • Professional development opportunities in an international company;
  • Motivational bonus for the achieved work results


2500-3000 € / month. before taxes
+ daily allowance up to 840 € / month.

About employer

We are looking for specialists (electricians, metal structure installers, mobile communication engineers) to work in Germany, in the prestigious Bavarian region, in the international company Circet.

Circet is a leading network service provider and leader in the telecommunications industry in Europe. Huge investments in fixed and high-speed mobile infrastructures, the company’s mobility and flexibility have resulted in the company currently having more than 110 branches and subsidiaries in France, Germany, Ireland, the UK, Spain and Morocco.